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IntroductionDear Fans,

It has been a great adventure writing My Love from the Star fan fiction. Unfortunately, because I do not have the copyrights to officially publish and sell my 12 fan fiction novellas/novels, it is costing me too much time and money to continue. Consequently, I have decided to take down and take on a different writing path.

What disappointed me the most is that I really wanted to keep writing it, as I have fallen in love with the Dancing Angels, the Silent Warrior, and other new characters I created. I also do not want my work to go to waste.

To continue my passion, I will be re-editing my 12 fan fiction novellas/novels, stripping away everything that is related to My Love from the Star, and turning them into my own series.

In addition, I will be writing my very own version of the prequel so that my fan fiction makes sense. This is something I had always wanted to do. The characters, their physical traits, and their relationships, will be different from the original Korean TV series. The main setting will also be in another country and the plot will be very different. In summary, it will still be a human and alien romance like in Superman or in My Love from the Star, but the storyline will be completely different. After I write the prequel, the major scenes in the 12 books that I have already written should follow in the series with some changes to characters, setting, and plot.

For those of you who were waiting for Book 13 of my fan fiction before, don’t be too disappointed. The Title of Book 13: Fated Debts, and the story, will continue as planned, right where we left off. The main difference is that it will not be Cheon Song Yi who hears the whisper of: “Forget me not.” It will be a different female lead character. In other words, the story will reach that scene again, but how it got there and where it’s going may be different.

I know that many of you loved my fan fiction on My Love from the Star, so I’m truly sorry for this inconvenience. For those who had memberships to access by purchasing Only in the Night books, please contact me directly for monetary compensation if you wish. If not, once I publish the new books, I will give those with past memberships, licensed ebook copies of the new prequel and edited versions of the 12 books that you have already read.

The good news is that all the new and edited books will be available in both ebook & paperback format for purchase.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Sami Lee Lang 🙂

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