Only in the Night III: Betrayed

Only in the Night 3 Betrayed - Ebook Cover-page001Blamed for her friend’s assault, Emma struggles to do the right thing. Three people whom she trusted with her life betray her. Two people whom she loved dearly come between her and Ethan, and one person whom she once thought innocent becomes her enemy. Everyone in life is against her, including Ethan. They might be together, but not without a price … worth billions.



Table of Contents

1: Getting Drunk
2: Unfortunate Event
3: Found
4: Hair
5: Telling the Truth
6: Scheming
7: Unexpected
8: The Kiss
9: Caught On Screen
10: False Love
11: The Ball
12: Man Made
13: More Diamonds
14: Blindfolded
15: The Ransom
16: Signal
17: The Trade
18: Morals
19: Bugged
20: Yes or No

Only in the Night IV … coming soon

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