Only in the Night II: Double Jeopardy

Only in the Night 2 Double Jeopardy - Ebook Cover-page001Emma finds out Julie, Ethan’s lost love, still lives. She forces him to go back to Julie out of pride. Ethan returns to his world, only to find that things have changed. Emma dates someone else on the rebound. But when a traveler from another world befriends Emma, her heart deceives her. She finds herself pulled to Ethan again in an intense battle for love.



Table of Contents:

1: Eighteen
2: Watched
3: Glitch
4: Her Again?
5: Shaken
6: Dual Theory
7: The Watch
8: The Airport
9: Suspicion Rises
10: Mysterious Caller
11: Just Checking
12: McNickle Pharmaceuticals
13: Lifestyle Gym
14: Dead or Alive?
15: Hard Choices
16: Bonding
17: Rebound
18: Deceived
19: Is it Him?
20: Confrontation
21: Unexpected
22: Utopian Jail
23: Captured
24: Identical Strangers
25: He Loves You More
26: The Plan
27: Distraction
28: Car Chase
29: Guns
30: Goodbye
31: Only You