Only in the Night I: The Virus

Only in the Night 1 The Virus - Ebook Cover-page001Can she trust him? Emma wakes up to find herself abducted by Ethan, a mysterious, handsome stranger. Unwillingly pulled into a sinister corporate scheme, she must work with Ethan to unveil a deadly hidden secret. The game changes when she finds out that he not only possesses superhuman powers, but also controls her heart. Love seems normal until she learns the real reason behind his attraction.



Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Abducted
Chapter 2: The Missing Data
Chapter 3: New York University
Chapter 4: The Hospital
Chapter 5: The Long Wait
Chapter 6: The Stranger
Chapter 7: Caught on Video
Chapter 8: The Police
Chapter 9: The Cyclone
Chapter 10: Interrogation
Chapter 11: Assault
Chapter 12: Chained
Chapter 13: Strength
Chapter 14: Plan B
Chapter 15: The Haunted House
Chapter 16: Diamonds
Chapter 17: Hold Me
Chapter 18: The Green Dress
Chapter 19: Niagara Falls
Chapter 20: The Data
Chapter 21: Gone Again
Chapter 22: Examined
Chapter 23: Escape
Chapter 24: The Rescue
Chapter 25: New Utopia
Chapter 26: Infected
Chapter 27: Desperate
Chapter 28: No Evidence
Chapter 29: Only a Shadow